Basten – Cognitive therapy skills (March 2021)

CBT@Home webinar series

Experiential methods to introduce the cognitive model and coach cognitive therapy skills

Dr Chris Basten, Basten & Associates, Clinical Psychologists; Macquarie University 

This approx. 1hr 20 min CBT@Home webinar was recorded in February 2021. AACBT members can view for free. Non-members may purchase here.

Teaching cognitive therapy exclusively through verbal and written instructions is akin to teaching a beginner tennis through a PowerPoint presentation. Experiential learning of the first steps in cognitive therapy helps our clients to ‘get’ how the cognitive model to them and speeds up their ability to identifying their cognitions.


Dr Chris Basten is an experienced therapist, with PhD and Clinical Masters qualifications. He has worked in a hospital eating disorders unit and also in a hospital consultation-liaison psychiatry team for many years, and now focuses on clinical practice, teaching CBT and motivational interviewing.

Chris has published ‘The Art of CBT‘*, a book for the trained therapist who wishes to have some extra skills and techniques to deal with the more common challenges that arise when we do CBT with our clients.

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Key Learning Objectives:

  • Awareness of experiential learning principles applied to cognitive therapy.
  • Confidence using experiential techniques to explain the cognitive model.
  • Ability to use experiential techniques to teach clients how to notice the cognitions relevant to their distress.


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