Shepherd – ACT (August 2022)

CBT@Home webinar series

Facing the climate emergency together: how ACT skills can help

Ms Louise Shepherd, The Sydney ACT Centre

This approx. 1h 10min CBT@Home webinar was recorded in July 2022. AACBT members can view for free. Non-members may purchase here.

Climate change is arguably the biggest challenge our world currently faces. Gradually people are waking up to this threat and facing some distressing emotions that are increasingly hard to hide from.

ACT offers a range of tools to help ourselves and our clients to navigate these complex emotions skilfully. Alongside the pandemic, people are gradually waking up to the emotional storm the climate crisis brings. Increasingly, clients are looking for advice on how to deal with their complex, distressing emotions. This interactive session is aimed at honing existing ACT skills to deal with the wide range of eco emotions using a mix of practical tools and experiential exercises.

Louise will share some general observations about the impact the climate emergency is having on our mental health and provide an opportunity for attendees to reflect on how their own eco emotions show up at home and work. Developing personal psychological flexibility relating to eco emotions will be discussed as well as steps towards becoming more empowered and skilful in sitting with our clients.

Biographical notes:

Louise is a clinical psychologist with 25 years experience, across a range of settings, who was introduced to ACT in 2004 and became a peer reviewed trainer in 2012. She works as a therapist, supervisor, trainer, and executive coach and is the director of The Sydney ACT Centre. She is also a mum and step mum to three gorgeous girls, and this is what drives her commitment to climate action. Alongside her clinical work, she has spent the past few years as a Sydney organiser for the group, Australian Parents for Climate Action where she engages daily with a bunch of dedicated parents working towards a safe and sustainable future for their children and future generations. She also recently volunteered for nine months on her first ever political campaign.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • A better understanding of the context – eco emotions and who is seeking help
  • How to adapt existing ACT skills to work with eco emotions
  • A chance to reflect on dilemmas therapists might face in this work

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