AACBT Strategic Plan (2021-2025)

The purpose of AACBT’s 2021-2025 Strategic Plan is to communicate the vision and purpose of our organisation, and to help the Board & Branches stay on track for our members.

The Objects of the AACBT Constitution have been distilled into five broad areas, and we have strategic objectives grouped under these headings.

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The Importance of Continuing Education and Professional Development

Provide high quality professional development in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

  1. Provide professional development
  2. Host national conference

These goals are easy for everyone to see – we seek to provide continuing professional development (CPD) / training, and host our National Conference.  This is a primary purpose, as these events allow us to continue learning about CBT.

Publish Data

Publish and disseminate scientifically informed practice

  1. Promote and demonstrate scientific clinical practice

Our main activity under this objective is to continue publishing Behaviour Change, coupled with sharing the latest CBT articles from other publishers on our social media channels.

Increase awareness of and responsiveness to cultural considerations in the use of behavioural and cognitive therapies in Australasia

  1. Encourage diversity and inclusion in all aspects of AACBT activities

We are committed to expanding who our presenters are, as well as ensuring that the CPD we provide addresses broad issues relevant to everyone.

Broaden your Community and Developer Relations reach through collaboration

Broaden the behavioural and cognitive therapies community in Australasia

  1. Grow and retain members
  2. Maintain grant and award programs
  3. Increase engagement

We are seeking to keep AACBT a vibrant community, that becomes more and more reflective of our society.  We can do this with material support (EG travel grants) and by being a community for all, including making links between our past and our future.

Partner with international organisations that promote behavioural and cognitive therapies

  1. Continued involvement at global level

We are a member of the World Confederation of Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies, and through them have reach to the five other regional organisations in the world.  We have historically enjoyed strong connections around the globe – a prime example was the collaboratively produced COVID-19 resource which had broad input, and a quick turn around.

Click here to see the strategic plan in high resolution.

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