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Marta Villen, Committee Member

Ms Marta Villen



Branch Committee Member


Marta has an interest in human cognition and mind development, which started during her studies in Special Education in Spain. Upon graduation, she continued learning and training in this field. She completed my Bachelor Honours Degree in Psychology and Master´s Degree in Neuropsychology in Madrid, Spain.
Professionally, Marta has worked as a Clinical Neuropsychologist since 2014 with different patient pathologies. She has worked with adults in neuropsychological rehabilitation with brain damage and, in recent years, with children in a rehabilitation centre.
At the moment, Marta works at the Research unit of the Albert Road Clinic in Melbourne. As a research assistant in mental health, she is involved in two projects working with people with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and depression.


Marta began with the Branch Committee in 2022.

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