State Branch New South Wales Branch Committee

Aliza Werner-Seidler, Committee Member

Associate Professor Aliza Werner-Seidler


Clinical Psychologist

Branch Committee Member


Aliza is an Associate Professor and Clinical Psychologist at the Black Dog Institute, UNSW. She is Head of Population Mental Health at the Black Dog Institute, and currently holds a National Health and Medical Research Council Investigator Fellowship to investigate the prevention and early intervention of mental illness.

Her current research interests include the prevention and treatment of depression and anxiety in young people, the use of technology to improve the reach and uptake of interventions, and the role of poor sleep and insomnia in depression. She is currently leading the Future Proofing Study which investigates the large-scale delivery of digital prevention programs across 150 Australian schools.

Aliza completed her Masters in Clinical Psychology and PhD at the School of Psychology, UNSW in 2012. She undertook postdoctoral training as an Investigator Scientist at the Medical Research Council’s Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit at the University of Cambridge (UK; 2012-2014), before returning to Australia and taking up her role at the Black Dog Institute.


Aliza began with the Branch Committee in 2018.

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