State Branch New South Wales Branch Committee

Anna Wallace, Branch Chair

Ms Anna Wallace


Clinical Psychologist

Branch Chair


Anna received her Masters in Clinical Psychology at Ballarat University. Before receiving her Masters she worked for a number of years as a high school teacher. Since completing her Masters she has worked both in the private sector (with Basten and associates) and at The University of Technology (UTS) Health Psychology Unit. It is at UTS that she has been able to pursue her interests in clinical work, training and research.

Anna has trained over 1,000 teachers in NSW on how to identify and respond to indirect bullying in schools. She also designs and delivers training seminars for health professionals, students, teachers and the general community on various mental health topics on a regular basis. Anna enjoys pursuing her own research interests and seeing clients for individual therapy. She specialises in psychotic disorders, depression and anxiety. Anna has co-authored seven peer reviewed articles including a training manual for health professionals titled “Moving Forward: Introduction to Psychosis”.


Anna began with the Branch Committee in 2008.

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