State Branch Western Australia Branch Committee

David Preece, Committee Member

Dr David Preece


Psychologist / Researcher

Branch Committee Member


David Preece is a psychologist and postdoctoral research fellow at Curtin University. His main research and practice interests are in transdiagnostic approaches to conceptualising, assessing, and treating emotional disorders (e.g., depressive, anxiety, eating, substance use, and personality disorders). In particular, he is interested in the key role that deficits in different aspects of emotional functioning play (e.g., alexithymia, emotion regulation, and emotional reactivity). David has developed and published several widely used psychometric measures of emotional functioning (e.g., Perth Alexithymia Questionnaire, Perth Emotion Regulation Competency Inventory, Perth Emotional Reactivity Scale), and is passionate about trying to make the assessment of clinically relevant constructs more accessible for clinicians and researchers.


David began with the Branch Committee in 2020.

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