AACBT Awards night and AGM (2016)

This event has passed.
4 Nov 2016
06:30 pm
- 10:30 pm
The Grace Hotel
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AWARDS invitation 2016

Distinguished Career Award Winner and Tracey Goodall Award Winner Presentations

Join us for a special night of presentations by the 2016 AACBT Distinguished Career Award and Tracey Goodall Early Career Award Winners

Come for the Annual General Meeting of AACBT Ltd at 6:30pm, then meet other AACBT members over drinks and canapés, before enjoying our Awards Night.

2016 DISTINGUISHED CAREER WINNER PROF LOUISE SHARPE will present “Improving early access to effective cognitive-behavioural interventions to prevent and manage chronic pain.”

Chronic pain is one of the most prevalent medical conditions affecting 1 in 5 Australians. Despite this, medical interventions are typically of limited value. In contrast, there are many randomised controlled trials that attest to the efficacy of CBT for people with chronic pain.

Find out how to improve pain outcomes and prevent chronic pain by:
• Increasing the reach of interventions
• Adopting earlier intervention
• Incorporating new approaches how pain is interpreted

Don’t miss this award winning talk by our own international superstar of health psychology! Professor Sharpe is a great speaker in high demand!

2016 EARLY CAREER WINNER DR JILL NEWBY will present “Overcoming health anxiety.”

Severe health anxiety is a debilitating and costly condition but often goes undetected because people seek support from medical rather than psychiatric services due to their worries about physical symptoms.

• Discover the latest in what we know about health anxiety
• Find out how imagery biases and behaviours maintain health anxiety
• Learn about an innovative online CBT treatment for health anxiety.

Come and hear one of our best and brightest up and coming CBT stars!