AACBT Masterclass: Emerging Psychological Treatments for Psychosis

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28 Nov 2016
01:00 pm
- 05:00 pm
Caledonian Hotel
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Is medication really the only option for psychosis?

What can practitioners offer people living with psychosis?

The lifetime prevalence of all psychotic disorders is over 3% and an estimated 200,000 Australians are diagnosed with schizophrenia alone.

The Schizophrenia Research Institute estimate that this illness costs Australia $2.6 billion per annum, and this will continue to rise unless treatments can be better designed and shown to be more effective.

Medications can be effective but adjunct psychological therapies are vital in improving the effectiveness of current treatments for psychosis, and they have a strong evidence base.

In this Masterclass, Ryan Balzan will explore the underlying theory, process, and emerging evidence of a range of psychological treatments for psychosis and will focus on cognitive remediation programs as well as the
psychological treatment of delusions; one of the most striking and debilitating symptoms of psychosis.

Join us for this practical masterclass and walk away with real skills to improve your responses to working with people with psychosis.

Those working in sectors where transient psychotic symptoms are common, such as alcohol and other drugs, will benefit from Ryan’s extensive knowledge in managing psychotic symptoms through CBT.