AACBT National Workshop Tour – Melbourne: The Art of CBT (Basten 2 May 18)

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2 May 2018
09:00 am
- 05:00 pm
The Larwill Studio
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The Art of CBT: The skilful application of modern CBT to common clinical problems

Workshop with Dr Chris Basten

It’s not what you do, but the way that you do it! Discover the art within the science of evidence-based practice with this unique workshop by a CBT practitioner with many years of clinical application, dissemination and training.

The Art of CBT: Skilfully Applying the Manuals to Common Clinical Problems

This one day workshop is a distillation of lessons from over 20 years’ of clinical practice about the application of cognitive therapy.

It is aimed at clinicians familiar with CBT who are keen to know more about the practical applications of CBT, as they grapple with everyday clinical presentations.

  • Discover how to make your case formulation really useful
  • Identify the common reasons for low engagement and resistance and how to overcome these
  • Enhance motivation in clients to optimise their engagement
  • Learn how to get to more potent and deeper levels of therapy quicker
  • Manage the therapeutic relationship

The learning objectives are supported by a series of practice exercises.

Seats are very limited at this location, so be sure to book your seat now!

(For group bookings please contact AACBT direct on info@aacbt.org.au)

8:30am check-in on the day for a 9:00am start – we look forward to seeing you at this workshop as a part of the AACBT National Tour with Dr Basten!

Further Details:

In this one-day workshop, Chris isolates key areas of clinical skill that will help the developing therapist to apply their existing knowledge of therapies in effective ways that respect individual differences in clients and deal with common clinical challenges.

The overarching educational goal is to help the clinician confidently apply manulized therapies in real-life challenging situations.

The skills areas targeted in the workshop are:

  1. strengthening the alliance and working relationship;
  2. enhancing client willingness and motivation to do hard work using the principles of motivational interviewing and acceptance and commitment work;
  3. the creative use of individually tailored and insightful case formulations; and
  4. working at ‘every level’ of cognition, from meta-cognition, through automatic thoughts, hidden assumptions and rules to schemas.

There will be opportunities for experiential learning and practice.