AACBT NSW: Pub discussion The Paradox of Perfectionism

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4 Dec 2017
07:00 pm
- 08:30 pm
Bat and Ball
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The Paradox of Perfectionism

Do you find perfectionism in your clients (or yourself) hard to shift?

Looking for some practical ideas for how to conceptualise and address it?

Come along and learn more.

“You succeed despite your perfectionism, not because of it”.

Perfectionism involves striving to meet exceptionally high standards, and high levels of self-criticism.

Perfectionism has been shown to interfere with treatment, and has even been linked with increased suicide risk. Despite its negative consequences, clients often struggle to let it go.

Through a case formulation and treatment plan, a brief sample of what is known about the origins, and maintaining factors in perfectionism will be discussed.

Some relevant treatment modules from CBT and DBT, will be mentioned, with a sprinkling of self-compassion.

Dr Mitchell’s Doctorate thesis was “Perfectionism and the Anxious Rearing Model”.

A pub discussion is a relaxed opportunity to observe a presentation on an interesting topic related to cognitive behavioural therapy. There are opportunities for the willing to engage in a discussion relating to the topic towards the end of the presentation.


Come along to the final NSW pub discussion of 2017 and afterwards join us for Christmas drinks and nibbles!