AACBT NSW Pub Discussion: Shepherd – Climate emergency and ACT (Zoom)

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20 Jul 2022
06:30 pm
- 08:00 pm
On-line (via Zoom)
  • Louise Shepherd
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***This is a live presentation via Zoom in AEST***

Facing the climate emergency together: how ACT skills can help

Presenter: Louise Shepherd

The Sydney ACT Centre


Climate change is arguably the biggest challenge our world currently faces. Gradually people are waking up to this threat and facing some distressing emotions that are increasingly hard to hide from. ACT offers a range of tools to help ourselves and our clients to navigate these complex emotions skilfully.

Alongside the pandemic, people are gradually waking up to the emotional storm the climate crisis brings. Increasingly, clients are looking for advice on how to deal with their complex, distressing emotions.

This interactive session is aimed at honing existing ACT skills to deal with the wide range of eco emotions using a mix of practical tools and experiential exercises. Louise will share some general observations about the impact the climate emergency is having on our mental health and provide an opportunity for attendees to reflect on how their own eco emotions show up at home and work. Developing personal psychological flexibility relating to eco emotions will be discussed as well as steps towards becoming more empowered and skilful in sitting with our clients.

We will discuss the dilemmas a therapist might face, e.g., speaking about the science, making room for different values clients may hold and using personal disclosure wisely.

About this event:

The format will include a mix of didactic and experiential exercises.

Key Learning Objectives

  1. A better understanding of the context – eco emotions and who is seeking help.
  2. How to adapt existing ACT skills to work with eco emotions.
  3. A chance to reflect on dilemmas therapists might face in this work.

This session is designed for those with an intermediate familiarity – attendees will be assumed to have a working knowledge of ACT.

Implications / Applications of Learning for Clinical Practice

Attendees will leave with a sense of how existing ACT skills might be adapted to their work with clients who are experiencing distress related to the state of our planet. Given therapists are also facing these challenges it is important to face your own difficult feelings so that they don’t interfere unhelpfully in our clinical work.

Duration & Format / Training Modalities

This event will be approx. 90 minutes for CPD, and does not include any catering in the ticket price.

Please be on-line at 6:30pm AEST.

References – readings

  1. Sara Gorman and Jack M. Gorman; Climate Change Denial; Psychology Today
  2. VIDEO: Britt Wray; How climate change affects your mental health; TED conference
  3. VIDEO: Renée Lertzman; How to turn climate anxiety into action; TED conference
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Zoom recording:

Please note, the main presentation will be recorded for future distribution in the CBT@Home series – it is not intended to include any breakout rooms or Q&A session in the recording.

COVID Safety:

Please note, the venue will be following all relevant Public Health Orders and checking delegates as per their obligations. Density, and mask requirements will be in line with relevant government guidelines. As per all events, please do not attend if you are unwell.

Our event host, the NSW Branch, is strongly recommending the wearing of masks for this event.

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