AACBT NSW – Sydney Pub discussion: How to engage your male clients

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14 May 2018
07:00 pm
- 08:00 pm
Bat and Ball
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How to engage your male clients: Ensuring better reach, recognition and retention in clinical practice

What do you take into consideration when engaging male clients?  How do you engage your male clients?

REGISTRATION FROM 6:30pm for a 7pm start.

Men account for three-quarters of deaths from suicide in Australia. This is despite an increase in the number of men seeking psychological help. When men do seek help, clinicians often struggle to diagnose, communicate with and treat men’s mental health issues.

In this presentation, Zac will highlight how integration of male-sensitive adaptations throughout treatment including to assessment, formulation and language, can improve men’s outcomes.

Evidence suggests men will and do seek help when provided appropriate, tailored treatment. Zac will discuss how men may need a stronger emphasis on education and orientation to treatment to improve insight into their symptoms, treatment and its interplay with their masculinity.

A pub discussion is a relaxed opportunity to observe a presentation on an interesting topic regarding cognitive behavioural therapy. There are opportunities for the willing to engage in a discussion relating to the topic towards the end of the presentation.