AACBT Seminar: Using Memory Training in Clinical Practice: The Emerging Field of Memory Therapeutics

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21 Sep 2016
07:00 pm
- 08:00 pm
Bat and Ball
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Can mental health problems be treated with memory training? Sound like a brave new world? Come and find out what the evidence says about memory therapeutics for depression and PTSD.

In clinical practice, we frequently draw upon everyday examples of events that have occurred in the client’s life (autobiographical memories) to form the basis of material used in treatment.

A substantial evidence-base has shown that individuals with emotional disorders have a range of memory recall deficits (for example, difficulty recalling positive memories, or they tend to recall memories in a vague and general fashion, which lack detail and specificity).

Research has shown that these deficits are associated with poor outcomes, such as disorder severity and course, rumination, and poor problem solving ability. Of note is that these memory deficits do not always remit even after successful psychological treatment.

This has led to the emergence of ‘memory therapeutics’ – which refers to training programs and strategies which specifically target disorder-associated memory biases.

This seminar will cover the growing evidence for the efficacy of memorybased training strategies for depression and posttraumatic stress disorder. These include memory specificity/flexibility training, the method of loci, and positive memory elaboration – each of which are easy-to-implement process-based approaches. This seminar will provide practical suggestions for how to integrate memory-based training strategies in clinical practice, with a consideration for how they might be used to overcome obstacles and improve treatment outcomes.