AACBT Vic Pub Discussion: Eating disorders: new discoveries and novel treatment options

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22 Feb 2017
06:30 pm
- 07:30 pm
Robert Burns Hotel
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Pub Discussion

Are you interested in novel treatment options for eating disorders? Come along to this discussion about how new discoveries in research are informing new treatment approaches.

Most people are exposed to risk factors for eating disorders at some point in their lives but not everyone goes on to develop an eating disorder. Is it genetics that influences susceptibility? Could resilience to environmental factors increase risk?

The first part of this talk will discuss genetic, environmental, and psychological risk factors for eating pathology and present some of the latest research findings on gene-environment interactions in the field. Specific findings from a combined secondary data analysis on all the currently existing gene-environment interaction studies in the field of eating disorders will be presented. Also to be discussed will be the findings from the gene environment data collected from a 30-year longitudinal project in Melbourne – the Australian Temperament Project (ATP).

The second part of the talk will outline findings of a study assessing the knowledge and attitudes of Australian healthcare professionals in relation to binge eating disorder. The effectiveness of new treatment modalities for individuals with eating pathology, including mindfulness and new ways to deliver treatment (eg virtual reality) will also be presented.

Finally, new findings from a qualitative study on delusion-like beliefs in Anorexia Nervosa and its implication for the treatment of eating disorder patients with firmly held beliefs will be discussed.

This pub discussion is for anyone who has an interest in risk factors for eating pathology.

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