AACBT Vic Pub Discussion: Symes – Traumatic birth

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27 Jul 2022
06:30 pm
- 07:30 pm
Goldy's! Tavern
Goldy's! Tavern, Gold Street, Collingwood VIC, Australia
  • Emma Symes
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Traumatic Birth / Postnatal PTSD

Presenter: Dr Emma Symes

Centre for Clinical Psychology


Would you like to learn about the effects of childbirth that no-one talks about?

Pregnancy and childbirth are life-changing experiences. A proportion of women experience childbirth as distressing or even traumatic. These women often report post-traumatic symptomatology resulting in significant maternal mental health problems which can lead to lasting difficulties within the parent-infant relationship.

Postpartum PTSD may occur because of negative, life threatening experiences during birth, such as birth injuries, premature birth or other frightening and unexpected outcomes. It may also occur when an earlier, unprocessed trauma is re-activated. Accordingly, it is estimated that around 3% of women in community samples, and around 16% of women in at-risk samples, develop PTSD following birth (Grekin & O’Hara, 2014; Grekin, O’Hara & Brock, 2021).

Whilst many woman and health professionals are now alert to the risk of postnatal depression, traumatic symptomatology can sometimes be missed. Yet, appropriate treatment is important for women, their partners and their babies.

This presentation will review risk factors associated with the development of postnatal PTSD. It will also discuss the application of Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) in the treatment of PTSD, specifically in the postnatal period.

Finally, perinatal mental health treatment is set apart because of the presence of a baby. This relationship is an important consideration for clinicians working in this area, and the presentation will also provide a brief overview of important principles from infant mental health to support clinicians to keep the baby in mind.

About this event:

The format will an informal, lecture-style presentation.

Key Learning Objectives

  1. Understanding of PTSD in the perinatal period – risk factors, prevalence rates and current research
  2. Overview of how Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD can be used in the perinatal period
  3. Overview of infant mental health, how trauma can impact upon the infant and the mother-infant relationship

This session is designed for those with a casual familiarity – attendees will be assumed to have basic experience in the topic area.

Implications / Applications of Learning for Clinical Practice

This presentation is for clinicians working with women and families in the perinatal period who have experienced birth as distressing or traumatic.  Implications for assessment and formulation will be discussed, as well as evidence-based treatment for trauma / PTSD. It is also for clinicians wanting to learn more about Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) for PTSD.

Duration & Format / Training Modalities

This workshop has approx. 60 minutes CPD, and does not include any catering in the ticket price.

Door opens at 6pm for a 6:30pm start.

References – readings

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  4. Resources from the presenter.

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Venue notes:

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