AACBT WA Masterclass: Behavioural Activation: Enhancing outcomes through improved delivery

This event has passed.
23 Jun 2018
10:00 am
- 12:30 pm
Bayliss Theatre (in Bayliss Building)
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Now at University of Western Australia. We are now in Bayliss Theatre in Bayliss Building – building #211 – south of James Oval (check the map).

Behavioural Activation: Enhancing outcomes through improved delivery

Masterclass with Dr Trevor Mazzucchelli

Are you a health professional working with people with depression? Would you like to use behavioural activation strategies more effectively with your clients?

Behavioural activation is an empirically supported treatment for depression. Randomised controlled trials have demonstrated that behavioural activation is as efficacious or superior to cognitive therapy and to antidepressant medication. At the same time, it has been argued that behavioural activation is a comparatively easy treatment for practitioners to learn and implement, and easy for clients to understand.

The essential premise of behavioural activation is to support individuals to increase their engagement with activities that are pleasurable, productive, or personally meaningful, thereby increasing the likelihood they will have rewarding experiences, improve their life circumstances, and experience a decrease in symptoms of depression.

In this masterclass you will be introduced to evidence supporting behavioural activation as well as five core strategies for delivering behavioural activation effectively:

  • Providing a rationale for behavioural activation
  • Identifying target activities
  • Scheduling activities
  • Managing barriers to activation