AACBT WA Masterclass: Imagery-enhanced CBT for social anxiety

This event has passed.
20 May 2017
10:00 am
- 12:30 pm
The Niche at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital
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Imagery-enhanced CBT for social anxiety


Are you a health professional working with people with social anxiety disorder?

Would you like to integrate more imagery-based work into your therapy?

One of our aims as clinicians is to engage clients in affective change rather than just cognitive change. Imagery is more strongly associated with affect than verbal-linguistic thoughts, so it follows that working within the imagery mode is likely to have a more potent impact on emotion.

Imagery-enhanced CBT (IE-CBT) for social anxiety incorporates well-established imagery-based techniques to modify processes that maintain social anxiety. Imagery-based techniques such as coping imagery, imagery rescripting, and video-feedback are used to encourage engagement with feared social situations, modify negative core beliefs and affect associated with early social traumas, and to modify negative self-images, respectively. IE-CBT also encourages clients to transform negative thoughts into the imagery mode during cognitive challenging and behavioural experiments, to increase specificity and optimise the impact of cognitive change on affect.

You will learn:

  • The six key maintaining factors targeted in CBT for social anxiety
  • The core components of IE-CBT
  • How IE-CBT integrates imagery into virtually all components of treatment