AACBT WA Masterclass: Smith – Bipolar Disorder

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24 Jun 2023
10:00 am
- 12:30 pm
The Niche at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, 11 Aberdare Road, Nedlands, WA
The Niche, Aberdare Road, Nedlands WA, Australia
  • Laura Smith
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A CBT framework for working more confidently and effectively with Bipolar Disorder

Presenter: Laura Smith

Centre for Clinical Interventions

Do you want a better framework for working with your clients with bipolar disorder?


With such a focus on medication treatment, it can sometimes be hard to know what CBT clinicians can offer when working with clients with Bipolar Disorder. Living with and managing a bipolar diagnosis is a complex, ever evolving and often lifelong task for our clients living with this illness – and for their loved ones. Medication treatment is the cornerstone of treatment for Bipolar Disorder but there is much important work to be done by CBT clinicians in working with people with bipolar mood.

This presentation will help clinicians build a sense of self efficacy in working with bipolar mood – starting with a comprehensive model incorporating psychosocial stress, the role of lifestyle regularity, biological vulnerability and cognitive and behavioural maintaining factors. Drawing on years of clinical work with people with bipolar disorder and their families, the presentation will review the state of research into psychological treatment approaches, help attendees feel confident in using the most effective therapeutic strategies and highlight key issues that present in therapy.


About this event:

This Masterclass will include didactic content, case exemplars, and experiential exercises.


Key Learning Objectives

  1. Gain awareness of and familiarity with a CBT model of Bipolar Disorder
  2. Develop better understanding of how to approach ‘tricky’ issues that commonly present with Bipolar Disorder (e.g. medication issues, family/carer involvement)
  3. Learn how to make the most of the data collected through mood tracking and develop effective action plans for responding to early warning signs of mood episodes

This masterclass is designed for those with basic familiarity – attendees will be assumed to have a casual familiarity with topic area (e.g., one client).


Duration & Format / Training Modalities

This workshop has approx. 2 hours CPD, and morning tea is included in your registration.

Doors open prior to the 10am start, and the expected finish is 12:30pm.


References – readings

  1. Smith, L.M., Erceg-Hurn, D.M., McEvoy, P.M. Lim, L (2020) Self-efficacy in bipolar disorder: Development and validation of a self-report scale.  Journal of Affective Disorders 262, 108-117
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COVID Safety:

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