AACBT Pub Discussion:Always an Imposter? Transgender Issues in Therapy

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26 Jul 2016
06:30 pm
- 07:30 pm
Norman Hotel (Longhorn Room)
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50% of transgender or transsexual youth have attempted suicide. Do you know what to do? Find out what you need to know as a therapist.

The suicide attempt rate amongst transgender or transsexual youth is estimated to be between 40-50%.

Accurate differential diagnosis and awareness of research and treatment methods is crucial.

Therapists working with this group need knowledge of recent findings on the possible causes of gender dysphoria

Understanding the psychosocial minefield of the process of transition, obtaining hormones and surgery for sex reassignment are all necessary.

  • Discover the most useful diagnostic and therapeutic methods
  • Understand how to make a differential diagnosis
  • Identify the key psychological challenges pre-, mid-, and post-transition
  • Learn how to help to transition the family
  • Understand social and interpersonal challenges
  • Gain knowledge in responding to anxiety, depression and issues of feeling like an impostor specific to this group