Emotion-Focused Therapy – Individual Therapy Introductory Training

29 Jan 2019
- 1 Feb 2019
09:00 am
- 05:00 pm
ECU Mount Lawley Campus
2 Bradford Street, Mount Lawley, WA
Australia 6050
  • Jeanne Watson
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Emotion-Focused Therapy – Individual Therapy Introductory Training

Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) is an evidence-based experiential psychotherapy in the humanistic tradition of Person-Centered and Gestalt therapy. EFT builds on a strong theoretical foundation of emotion theory and uses powerful emotionally focused, experiential techniques to help clients express, understand and restructure their emotions.

In 2019, the School of Arts and Humanities will be hosting an in-depth four day training program on EFT that will provide an introduction and solid basis to working with emotion in psychotherapy.

Training overview

Emotion-Focused Therapy, the process experiential approach is one of the most vibrant, empirically-grounded and emerging ‘tribes’ of the person-centred and experiential approach to psychotherapy. It has gained international renown through the work of Les Greenberg, Robert Elliott, Jeanne Watson, Rhonda Goldman and their colleagues.

This four-day programme will provide participants with a solid grounding in the skills required to work more directly with emotion in psychotherapy. Participants will receive in-depth skills training through a combination of brief lectures, video demonstrations, live modelling, case discussions, and extensive supervised role-playing practice. The workshop will begin with a discussion of basic principles and the role of emotion and emotional awareness in function and dysfunction. Differential interventions based on process diagnoses will be demonstrated. Videotaped examples of evidence-based methods for evoking and processing overwhelming emotions, negative treatment of self, including self-criticism and self-silencing as well as emotional injuries from the past will be presented and discussed.

Participants will be trained to attune moment-by-moment to affect, and in the use of methods to facilitate dialogues between different parts of the self and imagined significant others. This training will provide therapists from different backgrounds with an opportunity to expand and develop their therapeutic skills and interests.

Educational objectives

Participants on the training programme will learn:

  1. To implement the basic principles of EFT;
  2. To identify different types of emotional expression;
  3. To identify when to help clients contain and when to access emotion;
  4. To access adaptive emotions to produce change; and
  5. To facilitate emotional processing to resolve negative relational processes with self and others.


The training will count towards certification as an EFT therapist with the International Society for Emotion Focused Therapy.

Cost: Early Bird – $1,475 (available until close of business Friday, 12 October 2018)
Standard – $1,550
ECU Staff or Student – $1,400
Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea provided
Register: Please register your attendance online.

For further information please:


Dr Jason Sharbanee
Telephone: (08) 6304 3840