AACBT Pub Discussion: A Principled Negotiation Cognitive Behavioural Approach to Relationships Therapy

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20 Sep 2016
06:30 pm
- 07:30 pm
Norman Hotel (Longhorn Room)
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Pub Discussion

Integration of other approaches into CBT can enhance outcomes. Find out how to use Principled Negotiation to help individuals, couples and families improve their relationships.

Most of our clients are in relationships, and therapy is often centered on the client’s relationships with others, whether the other parties are in the therapy room or not.

Relationships are an implicit memorandum of understanding between the parties, and interpersonal difficulties can be seen as a breakdown of that agreement.

‘Principled negotiation’ is an approach to conflict resolution developed by organisational psychologists from Harvard Business School that can be readily integrated with cognitive-behavioural approaches.

It provides a powerful conceptual tool and metaphor to assist clients with resolving relationship difficulties and renegotiating that MOU.

Learn how to integrate Principled negotiation and CBT for individuals, couples and families, to improve your clients’ relationships.