Qld Pub Discussion: Turner – Tic Disorders

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12 Nov 2019
06:30 pm
- 07:30 pm
Red Brick Hotel
83 Annerley Road, Woolloongabba QLD, Australia
  • Cynthia Turner
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Working with Tic Disorders

Presenter: Dr Cynthia Turner

Have you had someone with a Tic disorder? Come and hear about an evidence-based intervention very few therapists know about when treating individuals with Tic disorder.

Tics are involuntary, repetitive movements or vocalisations. They are the defining feature of a group of childhood-onset, neurodevelopmental conditions known collectively as Tic Disorders. Tic Disorders are associated with more psychological difficulties, greater disability, and lower quality of life. Individuals with Tic Disorders plus psychiatric comorbidity tend to have greater functional impairment.  Very few clinicians have been trained in evidence-based treatments for Tic Disorders. Comprehensive Behavioural Intervention for Tics (CBIT) is an evidence based non-pharmacological intervention and is the recommended treatment for most tic presentations.  Although the intervention has been demonstrated to be highly effective, few individuals with tic disorders have access to or receive this intervention.

In this discussion, Cynthia will discuss Tic Disorders and the CBIT intervention.  She will provide an overview of the different stages of the intervention, with clinical examples incorporated.

A parent of an adolescent with Tourette Syndrome will speak alongside Cynthia, discussing their family’s experiences of having a child with tics and their experiences of CBIT.

A pub discussion is a relaxed opportunity to observe a presentation on an interesting topic related to cognitive behavioural therapy. There are opportunities for the willing to engage in a discussion relating to the topic towards the end of the presentation.

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