Sydney Pub Discussion: Generalised Anxiety Disorder: Aetiology, formulation and treatment

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11 Feb 2019
07:00 pm
- 08:00 pm
The Bat and Ball Hotel
495 Cleveland Street, Redfern NSW, Australia
  • Sarah Edelman
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Generalised Anxiety Disorder: Aetiology, formulation and treatment

Presenter: Dr Sarah Edelman

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Generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) is a chronic disorder characterised by excessive worry and accompanying somatic and cognitive symptoms, including muscle tension, restlessness, fatigue, irritability and sleep disturbances. It is one of the most common co-morbid disorders, and is frequently associated with depression, anxiety disorders and medically unexplained symptoms. In spite of moderately high lifetime prevalence (4% – 7%), the diagnosis is frequently missed by mental health practitioners. Because of its chronic course and extensive symptomatology, GAD has the potential to cause substantial disability and dysfunction.

Historically, CBT treatments for GAD have produced limited benefits.  In the last 20 years, new conceptual models explaining the underlying processes in GAD have emerged, and our understanding of the disorder and the factors that maintain it have expanded.  Many conventional therapies have given way to new, more innovative treatments. Most of these involve addressing cognitive processes rather than challenging the content of threat focused thoughts.  Evaluations of the new treatments demonstrate substantially greater effect sizes, including frequent resolution of GAD symptomatology.

This session will provide an overview of GAD, the key conceptual models and contemporary treatment based on a combination approach, borrowing from CBT, Metacognitive Therapy, ACT and MBSR.

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