Sydney Pub Discussion: Sharpe – Chronic health conditions

This event has passed.
17 Jun 2019
07:00 pm
- 08:00 pm
The Bat and Ball Hotel
495 Cleveland Street, Redfern NSW, Australia
  • Louise Sharpe
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Psychological approaches to working with clients adjusting to chronic health conditions

Presenter: Professor Louise Sharpe

The experience of chronic illness is a stressor that requires people to adjust to the diagnosis, the treatment and/or the ongoing symptoms and limitations associated with the illness. As such, chronic illness poses a potential threat to self, health and relationships and can result in important losses in role functioning.

Rates of depression and anxiety are universally higher amongst people living with one or more chronic health problem than amongst people who do not live with chronic illness. Depending on the nature of the illness, people can develop fears about the future or can experience losses of important life roles or regrets about previous priorities.

This pub discussion will examine the process of how people adjust to illness and how we can harness these processes to help facilitate a positive outcome for people who live with an ongoing chronic illness.

A pub discussion is a relaxed opportunity to observe a presentation on an interesting topic related to cognitive behavioural therapy. There are opportunities for the willing to engage in a discussion relating to the topic towards the end of the presentation.

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