Workshop: Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (Oct 2019 Brisbane) Non-AACBT event

10 Oct 2019
09:00 am
- 05:00 pm
Brisbane International Virginia
1986 Sandgate Road, Boondall QLD 4034, Australia
  • Monica O'Kelly
  • Dom DiMattia
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Overview: In this four-day training program, participants will develop a thorough theoretical understanding of cognitive behaviour therapy and the skills specific to this mode of therapy. At the end of the program they will be able to identify activating events, beliefs and consequences; utilise disputational skills; demonstrate the ability to enhance the client’s development of constructive thoughts; and use CBT with problems involving Depression, Anxiety and Anger. Teaching approaches will include lectures, modelling and skills development in small groups with supervision. This course is suitable for the beginner or those wishing to refresh or build on their current skills. A qualification in a health or “helping” profession (eg Counselling, Teaching) is a prerequisite.

Areas covered include: Introduction to CBT; CBT with Depression; CBT with Anxiety; CBT with Anger

Costs: $1,480 (cost includes GST); Early bird registration $1,380 (refer to the website for details); Student $1,280
Times: 9 am – 5pm daily; morning and afternoon tea, and lunch provided

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Phone: Heather (03) 9705 2216