Workshop: CFT Introduction (Jan 23 Brisbane) Non-AACBT event

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23 Jan 2019
09:00 am
- 05:00 pm
Victoria Park Function Venue
261 Herston Rd, Herston QLD 4006, Australia
  • Paul Gilbert
  • James Kirby
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18 CPD hours of professional development for health practitioners

Compassion-focused therapy (CFT) brings an evolutionary framework to the conceptualisation of mental health problems and their alleviation. Practicing compassion has been shown to have powerful effects on the mind, body, and social processes. This introductory course is designed to encourage the use of practices that stimulate compassionate mental states and those that build a sense of the compassionate self-identity.

Workshop Objectives:

1. Gain an understanding of how evolutionary functional analysis advances our understanding of mental health difficulties and in particular the importance of the evolution of attachment, caring and affiliation as part of the human affect motivation and regulation systems

2. Gain an understanding of the 3 system affect regulation model (threat, drive and affiliative-soothing), which informs compassion-focused interventions

3. Be exposed to key compassion-focused skills including the use of the breath and body postures, the practice of compassion focused imagery, the use of compassionate mind training to build the “compassionate self”, employing the “compassionate self” to engage with areas of personal difficulty ,and building supportive social relationships.

4. Gain an understanding of how CFT may be applied to clients with different problems in which there is a non-affiliative relationship with self and/or others (e.g. eating disorders, personality disorders, anxiety, depression, shame, psychosis etc).


These workshops provide a great opportunity to learn from the founder Prof Paul Gilbert, who has travelled from the UK to provide this training opportunity in Brisbane with Dr James Kirby. CFT is an innovative therapy which has become increasingly popular amongst a range of health professionals.  CFT was originally developed for clients with high-levels of self-criticism and shame and has a growing evidence-base for a variety of clinical disorders and presentations, including with depression, anxiety, as well as complex trauma, PTSD, and psychosis. Practicing compassion has been shown to have powerful effects on physiological, psychological and social processes.

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