Online Resources

The e-hub research and development group is based at the Australian National University and provides free and anonymous online mental health services that are rigorously researched and based on the best available scientific evidence. They can be used as self-help programs or as adjuncts to other forms of therapy. All programs are anonymous, available 24/7 and free of charge.


Comprehensive, evidence-based information about depression and its treatment (including medical, psychological and alternative therapies). BluePages also includes interactive depression and anxiety quizzes, descriptions of the experience and symptoms of depression, a relaxation download, and extensive resources for help.


A popular interactive program which teaches cognitive-behaviour therapy skills for preventing and coping with depression. MoodGYM has been extensively researched and its effectiveness has been demonstrated in randomised controlled trials.


e-hub’s latest interactive self-help program includes modules for social anxiety, generalised anxiety and depression. It provides skills training drawn from cognitive, behavioural and interpersonal therapies as well as relaxation and exercise.


Provides consumers and professionals with information about e-health online applications for mental health and physical health disorders. Websites throughout the world are reviewed and ranked by a panel of health experts. Consumers can also submit rankings and comments.


The information on this website lists organisations, resources, and activities relevant to CBT. It has been compiled for information purposes only and is not a comprehensive listing of all available resources. This list does not constitute endorsement of the organisations, resources, and activities by the AACBT Ltd. AACBT Ltd only endorses its own events or activities, such as conferences, workshops, and masterclasses as meeting AACBT Ltd standards in the delivery of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy training. Individuals are advised to confirm information, qualifications and claims of trainers with relevant professional organizations.

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