Maccallum – Grief (June 2020)

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CBT@Home webinar series

Living with loss: evidence-based treatment approaches for prolonged grief reactions

Dr Fiona Maccallum, The University of Queensland

This approx. 1-hour CBT@Home webinar was recorded in June 2020.

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We will all experience the death of a close loved one during our lifetime and everyone responds differently.

The majority of people find ways of coping, however around 7-10% of bereaved individuals experience intense and distressing grief reactions that can persist unabated for years.

Encouragingly, there have been significant advances in how we understand these reactions and this has led to the development of effective grief-focused CBT treatment approaches.

Topics covered will include:

  • recent advances and outline key grief-focused strategies
  • important considerations for adapting CBT to the grief context
  • strategies for dealing with meaninglessness
  • how to integrate attachment based-techniques
  • ways of helping clients re-envisage a future

Dr Maccmallum has presented this topic in several sell-out pub discussions events for AACBT in NSW and Qld, so this is a great chance for many more people to access this material.


Dr Fiona Maccallum is a Lecturer in Clinical Psychology with research interests in grief & loss, trauma and anxiety at The University of Queensland.

Fiona undertakes experimental and clinical investigations of autobiographical memory, self-identity and future thinking, attachment, emotion regulation, and motivation. She has contributed to several randomised controlled trials for prolonged grief and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.

She is also focused on understanding resilience and psychopathology more broadly including cognitive processes, social influences on mental health, and applying statistical modelling to understand heterogeneity in symptom onset, maintenance, and recovery/treatment response.

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