Fellows of AACBT Ltd

The Board of AACBT Ltd has recognised the achievements and contributions of various members of the Australian CBT community.  They have been recognised as Fellows of AACBT Ltd owing to their:

  • Distinguished contribution to the advancement of CBT knowledge or practice, and
  • Extraordinary contribution to the advancement of AACBT Ltd

Fellows of AACBT Ltd

2016 2016
Professor Peter Lovibond


Peter Lovibond

Professor Michael Kyrios


Michael Kyrios

Professor Matthew Sanders

Matthew Sanders

Professor Colin MacLeod

Colin MacLeod

Professor Tracey Wade

Tracey Wade

Professor Ross Young


Ross Young

Professor Mark Dadds

Mark Dadds (conference)

Professor Mark Creamer

Mark Creamer

Professor Kim Halford

Kim Halford



Professor Nicole Lee


Nicole Lee

Professor Sarah Egan

Sarah Egan



Professor Louise Sharpe

Associate Professor Neville King



Professor Leanne Hides

Professor Ross Menzies

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