Distinguished Career Award for Contribution to Cognitive or Behavioural Research and Therapy

The aim of this annual award is to recognise the exceptional contribution of an AACBT member whose career achievements have made an outstanding contribution to CBT, through research, teaching, and clinical innovation.

Distinguished Career Awardees
1995 Prof Jay Birnbrauer 2004 Prof Henry Jackson 2013
1996 E/Prof Sydney Lovibond 2005 Prof Mark Creamer 2014 Prof Amanda Baker
1997 2006 Prof Richard Bryant 2015 Prof Mark Dadds
1998 2007 2016 Prof Louise Sharpe
1999 Assoc Prof Neville King 2008 2017 Prof Matthew Sanders
2000 Prof Alan Hudson 2009 Prof Ron Rapee 2018 E/Prof Sue Spence
2001 2010 2019 Prof Frank Deane
2002 Prof Kim Halford 2011 2020 Prof Peter Norton
2003 Prof Jeff Richards 2012 Prof David Kavanagh 2021 Prof Peter McEvoy
Nomination details
Download the nomination form below. Applications are due no later than Sunday 15 August 2021.

Detailed selection criteria
  • Evidence of a substantial contribution to the advancement of CBT knowledge and/or practice in Australia throughout their career from achievements such as research grants, publications, supervision of research candidates, conference presentations/workshops, innovation & track record in clinical supervision, teaching & dissemination of knowledge and skills relating to CBT practice, innovative clinical and practice developments in CBT, leadership in CBT, contribution to policy and practice as related to CBT, contributions to AACBT, dedication to science, and other key achievements.
  • Preference may be given to an applicant who, in addition to meeting the selection criteria, has also made a significant contribution to AACBT.
  • The nominee will typically be in a senior position of leadership.
  • No award will be made if the quality of nominees is deemed by the AACBT selection committee not to meet the award criteria.
  • No more than one award will be made annually.
  • Individuals may apply or be nominated annually if the eligibility criteria are met.

    To be considered eligible for the award:
  • The nominee must have completed their PhD or Clinical Doctorate.
  • The nominee must be a current member of AACBT at the time of application.
  • The nominee must not be a current member of the AACBT selection committee.
  • The nominee may not by nominated by a member of the AACBT selection committee.
  • The nominee must not have won this award previously.
Conditions the award and related responsibilities
  • The successful awardee will be expected to present an invited paper, clinical skills session, or workshop (“Distinguished Career Award Address”) at the AACBT National Conference in the year of the award, a recording of which may be made available to members to watch through the AACBT website. Alternatively, the awardee may be invited by AACBT to record a webinar or online presentation for AACBT members.
  • It is a condition of the award that the successful nominee is presented with their award at the AACBT National Conference in the year of the award.
  • The award winner will receive a complimentary 2-day scientific program registration for the conference. All travel, meals, accommodation, etc. costs are the responsibility of the award winner.
  • The award winner will receive a complimentary ticket to the Fine Wine Dinner.
  • The award winner will be presented with a commemorative plaque.
  • Recipients can receive this award only once in their lifetime.
  • It is expected that:
  • The award winner will continue their involvement with the AACBT in the years following their award by attending or presenting at AACBT national or branch events, through paper submissions to Behaviour Change, participating in AACBT branch or national boards or committees, and/or mentoring of AACBT members.
Selection process
  • Individuals may self-nominate or be nominated.
  • Applications will be considered by the AACBT Awards Selection Committee.
  • The AACBT selection committee will further review the nominations and will provide a recommendation for the award, along with a summary of the short-listed nominees, to the AACBT Board of Directors who will make the final decision.