The Tracy Goodall Early Career Award

This award is named in memory of Tracy Goodall who was tragically killed on 5 March 1993. Tracy was a well-known member of AACBT (then the ABMA) and was Queensland State president during 1990 and 1991. She was also a very dear friend and colleague of many AACBT members and members of the World Congress Organising Committee.

The aim of this annual award is to recognise the outstanding contribution of an early-career AACBT member to CBT, through research, teaching, and clinical innovation, in the five (5) year period since completion of a research or clinical doctorate.

Tracy Goodall Early Career Awardees
1995 Dr Andrew Page 2005 Dr Reg Nixon 2015 Dr Blake Dear
1996 Dr Adrian Kelly 2006 2016 Dr Jill Newby
1997 Dr Sharon Dawe 2007 2017 Dr Aliza Werner-Seidler
1998 Dr Paula Barrett 2008 Dr Adam Guastella 2018 Dr Carly Johnco
1999 Dr Shirley Morrissey 2009 Dr Fjola Helgadottir 2019 Dr Catherine Quinn
2000 Dr Clare Rees 2010 2020 Dr Erin Kelly
2001 2011 2021 Dr Cele Richardson
2002 Dr Susan Byrne 2012 Dr Karina Allen 2022 TBA
2003 Dr Jennifer Hudson 2013 Dr Daniel King
2004 Dr Nikolaos Kazantzis 2014 Dr Ursula Sansom-Daly
Nomination details
Download the nomination form below. Applications are due no later than Wednesday 31 August 2022.

Detailed selection criteria
  • Evidence of an outstanding contribution to the advancement of CBT knowledge and/or practice as evidenced by achievements such as research grants, publications, supervision of research candidates, conference presentations, innovation & track record in clinical supervision, teaching & dissemination of knowledge and skills relating to CBT practice, innovative clinical and practice developments in CBT, leadership in CBT, contribution to policy and practice as related to CBT, contributions to AACBT, dedication to science, and other key achievements.
  • No award will be made if the quality of applicants is deemed by the AACBT selection committee not to meet the award criteria.
  • No more than one award will be made annually.

    To be considered eligible for the award:
  • You must have completed your PhD or Clinical Doctorate within the past five (5) years from the date of closure of nominations.
  • Career disruptions will be considered and are defined as a prolonged interruption (> 28 consecutive days) in your capacity to work, due to pregnancy; major illness/injury; or carer responsibilities.
  • You must be a current member of AACBT at the time of nomination and have been a member for at least the previous two (2) years, i.e. three (3) consecutive years in total at a minimum.
  • You must not be a current member of the AACBT selection committee.
  • You must not have won this award previously.
Conditions the award and related responsibilities
  • The award is composed of $2,000 to be used for travel to the AACBT National Conference in the year of the award and will receive a complimentary 2-day scientific program registration. All travel, meals, accommodation, etc. costs are the responsibility of the award winner.
  • It is a condition of the award that the successful nominee is presented with their award at the AACBT National Conference in the year of the award.
  • The successful awardee will be expected to record a webinar or online presentation (60 min max) for distribution through the AACBT website (”Tracy Goodall Early Career Award Address”). Additionally, the awardee will conduct a short (10 min max) in-person interview during National Conference, hosted by our National President and National Conference Coordinator / Chair.
  • The award winner will receive a complimentary ticket to the Fine Wine Dinner.
  • The award winner will be presented with a commemorative plaque.
  • Recipients can receive this award only once in their lifetime.
  • It is expected that:
  • Remaining funds, not spent on attending the AACBT National Conference should be used for other CBT related activities including conference travel, research, or clinical expenses.
  • The award winner will continue their involvement with the AACBT in the years following their award by attending or presenting at AACBT national or branch events, through paper submissions to Behaviour Change, participating in AACBT branch or national boards or committees, and/or mentoring of AACBT members.
Selection process
  • Individuals self-nominate and must have obtained permission from the two (2) named referees to be approached by AACBT for a reference.
  • Nominations will be considered by the AACBT selection committee and referee reports will be obtained for short-listed nominees.
  • The AACBT selection committee will further review the nominations and referee reports and will provide a recommendation for the award, along with a summary of the short-listed applicants, to the AACBT Board of Directors who will make the final decision.