AACBT WA Masterclass: Children with autism and anxiety

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25 Jun 2022
10:00 am
- 12:30 pm
The Niche at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, 11 Aberdare Road, Nedlands, WA
The Niche, Aberdare Road, Nedlands WA, Australia
  • Gail Alvares
  • Abby Chee
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Supporting children with autism and anxiety

Presenters: Dr Gail Alvares and Ms Abby Chee

CliniKids, Telethon Kids Institute


Whilst it is well understood that anxiety often co-occurs for children diagnosed with autism, evidence-based approaches for supporting children and families are limited and often based on working with neurotypical children. This masterclass will equip clinicians to enhance their practice through understanding the latest research in this area and hear about the application of this research using real-life case examples from an active clinical trial of a new parent-mediated program for children diagnosed with autism and anxiety concerns around uncertainty.

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder affecting development of social communication and behaviours. It is often diagnosed in the early years of a child’s life. The prevalence of autism has been reported to be increasing in recent years. Anxiety is known to frequently co-occur with autism.

This masterclass aims to provide an overview of research updates on evidence-based interventions for children with autism and highlight current research and practice in intervention for children with autism and anxiety.

You will learn:

  • How anxiety presents in autism.
  • Evaluating evidence-based treatments in autism.
  • Key concepts in intervention for anxiety in autism by targeting a transdiagnostic mechanism (intolerance of uncertainty).
  • Regulation strategies frequently used to support children with autism.
  • Update on current research in intervention for anxiety in autism.

This masterclass is for those who have an interest in supporting children with autism and co-occurring anxiety.

About this event:

Masterclass including presentation on recent research, clinical case examples, group activity, and handouts.

Key Learning Objectives

  1. Gain an understanding of the presentation of anxiety in children diagnosed with autism
  2. Get a research update on evaluating evidence-based anxiety treatments in autism
  3. Gain an understanding of intolerance of uncertainty in autism and learn about strategies to support families

This session is designed for those with basic familiarity – attendees will be assumed to have a casual familiarity with topic area (e.g., treated one case).

Implications / Applications of Learning for Clinical Practice

The knowledge provided will enhance theoretical understanding of anxiety presentation in autism. Skills and strategies discussed can be integrated into current CBT practices when working with children diagnosed with autism.

Duration & Format / Training Modalities

This workshop has approx. 2 hours CPD, and morning tea is included in your registration.

Doors open prior to the 10am start, and the expected finish is 12:30pm.

References – readings

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