Qld Pub Discussion: Gore-Jones – CBT treatment for Insomnia

This event has passed.
24 Jun 2019
06:30 pm
- 07:30 pm
Red Brick Hotel
83 Annerley Road, Woolloongabba QLD, Australia
  • Victoria Gore-Jones
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***event cancelled***

AACBT apologies for the inconvenience, but due to circumstances outside our control, this event is cancelled.

For people who had booked, please refer to your email for all details.

CBTzzzzzzzzzzz: CBT treatment for Insomnia

Presenter: Victoria Gore-Jones


Many clients struggle to get a good night sleep. This talk will help those clinicians seeking to support clients experiencing symptoms of insomnia. In addition to diagnosis and assessment, detailed therapeutic processes will be presented.


Insomnia affects a third of the population resulting in reduced productivity, increased health care cost and increased risk of developing psychological disorders.

CBT is the evidence-based practice for insomnia. Although sleep hygiene may be important it is not the primary treatment option for insomnia. This talk will discuss the use of stimulus control, sleep restriction and cognitive therapy as the most affective treatment options available.

A pub discussion is a relaxed opportunity to observe a presentation on an interesting topic related to cognitive behavioural therapy. There are opportunities for the willing to engage in a discussion relating to the topic towards the end of the presentation.

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