OReilly – ADHD (November 2022)

CBT@Home webinar series

Review of treatment for ADHD

Ms Madeline O’Reilly, Madeline O’Reilly Clinical Psychology

This approx. 53min CBT@Home webinar was recorded in November 2022. AACBT members can view for free. Non-members may purchase here.

Have you noticed more clients wondering about ADHD and whether they may have undiagnosed ADHD?

There has been an uptick in understanding ADHD, especially in women.  As a result, it is likely we are all needing to be better educated on what this is, how to assess for it, and how to treat and work with adults with ADHD. This pub discussion should serve to provide an update in the literature around ADHD in adults and some guidance in both the treatment options as well as applying CBT strategies in this population.


The presentation will review the assessment of ADHD in adults. It will consider the treatment options and the evidence base for these, along with other considerations when making such recommendations. Recent publications from the ADHD Report edited by Russell Barkley will be the main source of research data. Some understanding around the Executive Function model used to explain and formulate ADHD will be presented. Should time permit, case studies will be given along with an opportunity to discuss the application of CBT interventions and strategies in adults with ADHD.

The benefit for those who attend may be clarity over the assessment of ADHD in adults, along with the treatment options available. I hope to provide an understanding around how these different approaches may complement each other. It may also provide the audience with ideas of how to apply CBT in a more nuanced way to clients who have ADHD compared to the neuro typical clients with anxiety and depression.

Biographical notes:

Madeline enjoys working with adults and older adolescents with ADHD and Anxiety. She works in private practice in Sydney, Australia.

Madeline has spent the past decade working in a multidisciplinary practice in Sydney. Here is where her interest in ADHD was sparked and she enjoys working in collaboration with other medical professionals, especially Psychiatrists. Prior to this she spent 3 years working in East London for a CBT service that specialised in treating Trauma in adults. Before moving to the UK, Madeline worked for Vision Australia. This allowed her to develop skills with children, adolescents and adults, in assessment and treatment of behavioural problems and mental health difficulties in the vision impaired population.

Recently, Madeline co-authored a book called ‘Decoding Doing’ with her colleague and friend Jonathan Hassall who is an ADHD Coach. This book has been a long time in the making and presents a model aimed at helping people procrastinate less and achieve more despite having ADHD.

Madeline has presented at both local and international conferences on ADHD, and she has been quoted in local media in relation to ADHD in women and girls. She has been a podcast guest on ADHD podcasts such as The Indigo Hub and ADHD Rewired.

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand current treatment options for ADHD in adults

  2. Learn about the application of CBT interventions in the context of adults with ADHD

  3. Understand treating co-morbid psychological disorders in the context of ADHD

Select readings:

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